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Gratitude Writing Challenge: Days 16 – 30

Day 16. What do you love about a friend? Their ability to turn your frown 🙁 upside down 😊Day 17. What spiritual gifts are you grateful for? The gift of Faith. It's really special. Day 18. What is your favorite family activity that you did recently?We watched a movie together (Zombies 🧟‍♂️ 2). Day 19.… Continue reading Gratitude Writing Challenge: Days 16 – 30


Gratitude Writing Challenge: Day 5

A year ago, I doubted myself, my abilities-everything all because of what someone I cared about said to me. Today, I realize that the only person's opinion of yourself that matters is yourself. So today, I'm greatful for me - how I've grown over the past few months ❤️ QOTD: What is different today than… Continue reading Gratitude Writing Challenge: Day 5